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 Glitch Fest (Ep. 1) - (Tested on Wii)

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Glitch Fest (Ep. 1) - (Tested on Wii) Empty
PostSubject: Glitch Fest (Ep. 1) - (Tested on Wii)   Glitch Fest (Ep. 1) - (Tested on Wii) EmptyThu Feb 05, 2009 1:31 pm

Hey guys, im making a CoD: WaW glitch video for youtube. Not finished yet, but here are some of the glitches I know. (Sorry for the lack of video and image confirmation)

Key: * Map means what map it is on * Type means what 'class' is best at use here. * SAP means Sorry About Spelling ( Razz )

Note:: Some of these glitches apply to the Wii version only ::

Glitch 1)

Map: Makin
Glitch Type: Sniper

On makin, when you start as the imperial army (not relivant) you start near a big house on the edge of the map. Go inside the left side of this house, run and jump onto the banister, always looking up. If you are lucky, your character will grab the bar above, and you can jump into the roof of this house. Inside here you are about 99.9% invisiable - only visable when you go forward to shoot.

Aim your sniper rifle out the house and fire away. This is also how you get out the map.

Glitch 2)

Map: Upheavel (SAP)
Glitch Type: Sniper/Machine Gunner

When you start as The Red Army (I Think) you start near the train(s). The first big building were you all go to snipe has an unseen glitch. Climb out the window onto the ledge, and walk across. Jump onto the scafolding (SAP) and around the house. Then walk up the planks (burnt out building incase your wondering) and up onto the roof. Here you can sniper people (be sniped!!) or wait for someone to go into the building below before you nail them with your MG.

Glitch 3)

Map: Castle
Glitch Type: Sniper/Possable Machine Gunning

When you start as the Japanese empire, you start near a building popular for sniping, run past this building to the bigger one near were the Marines start. Once in that room, go out onto the ledge and jump onto the Arch way, from here walk along to the 'L' shaped building's roof and up onto it. Here you can snipe, or wait for someone to go into the popular sniping locations and shoot them.

Glitch 4)

Map: Cliffside
Glitch Type: Machine Gunner/Sub-Machine Gunner/Possable Sniping Location.

When you start as the Japanese, go to the building on your left, go to the far (right) window, and stand next to it. Repetadly Jump and Crouch and eventualy your character will fall through the window. Its a fun glitch.

** Please correct any error I have made via PM. I will edit them and if you have your own glitches, send them too me for me to publish here.

Removed Glitch


Map: Roundhouse

Run to the garage, and jump up and down always looking upwards, you eventually fall under the map..
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Glitch Fest (Ep. 1) - (Tested on Wii)
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