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 Forum Rules/guidlines

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Forum Rules/guidlines Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules/guidlines   Forum Rules/guidlines EmptyMon Dec 29, 2008 1:12 pm

Forum Rules

1)Posts must be on topic to the category that they are being posted. Off topic posts will either be deleted or moved.

2)No pornography or links to websites containing pornography is allowed. If you are caught posting either of these your account will be terminated without notice.

3)Racial slurs or jokes commenting on someones race is not allowed. Your account will be immediately deleted if you break this rule.

4)Spamming is by no means allowed. Spamming includes but is not limited to, posting the same topic multiple times, sending the same email multiple times to anyone on the forum, advertising other websites/businesses multiple times. If your break this rule your account will be deleted.
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Forum Rules/guidlines
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